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Hello there!!!! We are a family born in this wonderful town in the Baronia del Camp de Morvedre, called Algimia de Alfara. Like so many others, it is one more town, but at the same time it's different.

Although the idea had been forging at our minds and at our hearts for a long time, it was in June 2003 when we decided to get down to work and offer the possibility that others could enjoy what we had when we were little: knowing and enjoying the countryside, the nature and the mountains. We started by building the Rural Tourism Cooperative, Ruralgimia and we started the rehabilitation of two houses located  in the hisotric center.

Our main objective is that during the time you spend with us, you disconnect from your daily life and enter with us in a world of special relaxation and resting without forgetting the activities we offer you.

If you also like to enjoy rural tourism contact us.

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